2 Weeks Happiness in Japan

I never thought of Japan as a romantic place until I explored it with my boyfriend. Yes, last year I went back to Japan. Spending days in Japan with him was absolutely fantastic. My all 4 happy hormones – endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin (which is the most dominant, by the way!)- have reached their maximum level during that trip. Even now, when I’m trying to remember those precious moments we had, it feels like my brain is trying to produce more serotonin.

Meeting the boyfriend at the airport was one of the most exciting parts. After messaging him that I’m outside the JR ticket booth, I went to the bathroom and fix my face, hair, clothes, and everything that would make me feel fabulous. Then, I saw a man wearing a neon apple green hat. It’s him! Shouted my mind. Roller coaster of emotion overwhelmed me that day. Mostly nervous. It doesn’t matter now where we are, I am so preoccupied of the idea of him talking to my face, the idea that I’d be with him for 9 days, the idea of HIM.

Honestly, I contemplated on whether to write about this travel or not, but the urge to show you how exciting the trip was is strong. Fortunately, I felt the urge to write today. Blogging has always been therapeutic, especially when you wanted to read previous experiences you have written. You can always look back and reminisce. I will try my best to remember everything during this trip and consolidate it here.

While on the train going to Oshiage, he mentioned his favorite dungeons and dragons. I don’t have any idea what it’s all about but it sounded so awesome because he is awesome hehe. I’ve been in Japan before, although I know that he would love this trip (because why the hell not?), I’m still afraid to commit a mistake that would make him feel disappointed. I want this travel to be perfect at least.

It feels like we’re on the train the whole day. Along the way, the atmosphere has started to get colder due to a bit of rain outside. It was a chill and relaxing ride. The weather was about the same last year where we experienced a bit of rain on the first day then a hot summer feel for the rest of our stays.

We had the best 9 days of our lives, and it’s quite hard to sum it all up in one blog. So bear with me.



I think it’s already 5 o’clock in the afternoon when we arrived at Richmond Hotel Premier – just a block away from the majestic Tokyo Skytree. He always booked fancy hotels for us, which made me feel so special. Tokyo Skytree in the rain looks like an alien spaceship. Yes, it was that magical.

After exploring the panoramic view of the city from the tallest building in Japan (634 meters in height), we’re off to Coro Coro Comic Legend Cafe for our dinner time, only because we can’t find any other restaurants that are still open. In their menu, you can find so kawaii and Instagrammable food like this one:



We were greeted by the many colours of beautiful Ajisai in the garden of Hasedera. I’ve been here before, but it didn’t stop me from including it on our itinerary. I don’t mind seeing its spectacular beauty again. Its cheerful beauty was so contagious and it feels like you want to be cheerful all day.


It’s no surprise that one of our agendas visiting Japan is to try almost all of their delicious meal.

We have a feast in the Shin-Yokohama’s Ramen Museum. Ben called it “Noodle Dungeon”, which, if you’d ask me, is an appropriate description. Simply because the Ramen shops and cafes are located underground. The museum setting was based in Japan during 1958. To put it simply, it was like you’re in a studio where a film was being shot. If you know the film called Always Sunset on The Third Street, you get the idea of what I’m talking about. They made a tremendous effort to make it look like you’re in 1958. I’m serious! I was like, did I just leap through time? Oh, why 1958? Because the world’s first instant ramen was invented in 1958.

We were already starving when we got here, so the moment we saw a vending machine (where you can order a ramen) — right there and then, we indulge ourselves with their best ramen. Not even thinking nor realizing that there might be a lot of ramen restaurants to choose from downstairs. We don’t regret eating at our first stop though. Our tummies were happy.

I couldn’t finish my ramen, so I let him finish it. Believe me, I’m not so proud of myself that day for not finishing my ramen. I’m so full already!

 We forgot to take a pic before we demolished most of it. Sorry ^_^




Going to Hama Rikyu garden, we tried a different route. Exploring the Sumida River through what they called water bus – Tokyo Cruise is the best way to go. Note that the admission to the garden is already included in the price of the boat ticket. We got off to explore Hima Rikyu garden as the cruise will be traveling further to Odaiba. On board, you will notice a group of people in front. They were very helpful in naming the bridges and famous establishments around Tokyo Bay. To be honest, I don’t understand almost everything from their speakers, but hey, their panoramic view was enough for me to be entertained. This would be my first time to try the Tokyo cruise, and it was an enjoyable ride! What a super cool experience.

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